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Your Foundation: Feet, Chiropractic, And How To Care For Them

The foot is extremely rich in nerves that send information to the brain, telling the brain exactly where the body is in space. Most commonly foot pain is due to injury, overuse, trauma, and wearing non-supportive shoes, or shoes that do not fit well.  Injuring your feet can cause pain in your back. When treating lower back pain chiropractor’s not only treat the pain area, but also look for the cause of pain which can sometimes be the feet. Chiropractor’s are trained to evaluate foot alignment and to adjust the bones of the ankle, foot, and toes. Often adjustments on the foot can help with lower back pain, as well as adjustments on the lower back can help with foot pain.

In our experience, a properly fitted is indicated in many foot problems.  We recommend the Aline system.  ALINE RED is designed as a a suspension system, to balance the foot and let your leg align itself while in motion! Nothing else can offer this kind of natural alignment and performance. Nothing else is designed like ALINE.

Posted: 4/30/14

By: Dr. Robert Wagner, DC



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