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The Serious Runner's Salvation; Chiropractic care!

People who lace up their running shoes and pound the pavement have a roughly 50% chance of sustaining an injury that interrupts their training.  Too many runners stride too far out in front of their bodies, or land with their legs at awkward angles, leading to knee, hip, foot, and lower back injury and dysfunction.  Gait and or balance seem to be the greatest causative factors.  Land incorrectly and or out of balance and a repetitive injury is already occurring even if you are not feeling the effects of it just yet.  Gait and posture analysis seeks to identify the root of an injury, or a bad habit that may lead to one.  A thorough chiropractic analysis to determine if you are mechanically correct can really help.  Obesity, genetics, and traumas, can be a leading cause to pain and dysfunction too.  Runners and others who exercise vigorously, and do it when in the proper mechanical alignment, are actually significantly less likely to experience arthritis or require a major joint replacement in the hip or knee, than people who don’t!  In an article recently published in the JAMA(Internal Medicine), the author states that running,”is the greatest intervention to postpone aging that’s ever been reported.”  On average, his study showed running or other forms of vigorous exercise postponed disability by 16 years and death by 7-9 years.

Their are no guarantees in life when it comes to health but a balanced diet, rest, spiritual, mental, and physical well being, backed up by having your body in a correct and balanced alignment, seem to be proving themselves to help one and all to live healthier and prolonged lives!  What a wonderful study this truly is!  So see your chiropractor today because he or she is trained to do all the things listed here.  So what do you say?

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