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The Case for Combining Pilates and Chiropractic Care for Health and Wellness.

Pilates is a good way to improve balance, flexibility, and strength. Pilates also helps to align the body. Many people have combined Pilates and chiropractic care for a positive outcome.  People with scoliosis, disc herniations, osteoarthritis, strains or sprains and many other chronic conditions have experienced pain relief and improved health through Pilates. By using Pilates, weak and injured areas can be stabilized and strengthened for effective relief and a stronger body. Pilates is an excellent source in helping to relieve back pain. Pilates is so effective because it addresses the underlying structural imbalances in the body that lead to back pain.

Pilates focus’ on how the different body parts line up in relation to each other, this is called alignment. When alignment is off, uneven stresses on the skeleton, especially the spine, are a result. Pilates exercises that pay attention to alignment can help strengthen muscles in the back, and create muscle strength and development.  One of the most common posture problems is the tendency to tuck or tilt the pelvis, both of these create weakness. These positions deny the spine of its natural curve, they can create a domino effect of pain up the spine. Doing Pilates, combined with regular chiropractic adjustments, increases the awareness of the proper placement of the spine and pelvis. Pilates is also excellent for developing core strength. Pilates trains the body so that all of the core muscles work together to support and stabilize the back. This helps the back become stronger and less likely to be injured.

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