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Chiropractor in Palmyra Offers Three Decades of Experience

Welcome to Wagner Chiropractic Center

For over thirty years, Palmyra chiropractic patients have found true health, without relying on drugs or surgery, at Wagner Chiropractic Center. Understanding that the body functions best when it is in its proper alignment, we help restore function by correcting alignment.

Wellness Lifestyle

As Dr. Robert Wagner explains, “True health can’t be obtained unless the stresses in our lives are removed. A wellness lifestyle that includes proper nutrition and exercise, along with chiropractic care and spirituality, can help the body recover its natural state of health and well-being.” In addition to chiropractic, Wagner Chiropractic Center offers the following services:

  • Swiss Ball Therapy
  • Homeopathics
  • Nutritional and food sensitivity testing

An experienced leader among Palmyra chiropractors, Wagner Chiropractic Center can help you find your way back to health. Give our Palmyra office a call today to schedule an appointment to find out how chiropractic can help you!

Palmyra families enjoy chiropractic and its amazing benefits.